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UNCTV PBS TeacherLine Professional Development Online Courses GA Public Broadcasting SC ETV UNCTV PBS TeacherLine Professional Development Online Courses GA Public Broadcasting SC ETV UNCTV PBS TeacherLine Professional Development Online Courses GA Public Broadcasting SC ETV UNCTV PBS TeacherLine Professional Development Online Courses GA Public Broadcasting SC ETV UNCTV PBS TeacherLine Professional Development Online Courses GA Public Broadcasting SC ETV

News and Awards

October 2014

SOST502 now SC PACE-approved!

On October 22, 2014, the South Carolina Department of Education Alternative Licensure Division of School Effectiveness approved SOST502, Bridging World History: A Special Collection from the Annenberg Foundation, for Middle Level and Secondary Social Studies methods requirements for PACE. Learn more about PACE.

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May 2013

New: Self-Paced Courses

PBS TeacherLine is now offering self-paced courses in math, science, and social studies!

Fast. Flexible. Focused. Affordable PD Gives You the Training You Need, When You Need It!

These "bite-sized" 3-hour professional learning opportunities will spark new ideas, expand your skill set, and energize your classroom. See how our new courses give you control of your professional learning.

  Self-Paced Course Standard, Facilitated Course
Time Commitment 3 hours 15, 30, or 45 hours
Access to Course 1 year, start anytime! 6 to 10 weeks, specific start dates
Pricing $ $$$

Learners can explore course content, watch videos, complete interactive labs, and take self-assessments at their own pace. Learners will have access to their course for 1 year after the purchase date. Learners will receive a printable certificate upon completion of all coursework, activities, and “Check for Understanding” multiple-choice quizzes, which will be tracked and graded by our automated system. All learners must score 100% on quizzes (with multiple attempts permitted) in order to receive the completion certificate.

* These courses do not offer credit except as possibly approved by your school/district upon your own request.

Available self-paced courses are posted on our Self-Paced Courses page.

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Jun 2012

2012 AEP Distinguished Achievement Award

2012 AEP Award Winner

PBS TeacherLine was a 2012 AEP Distinguished Achievement Award winner for Professional Development!

Consistent with its efforts to support the development of professional, quality content for education, the AEP leads an extensive awards program to honor excellence among companies, individuals, and resources.

To receive an AEP award is considered one of the highest honors for an individual or company in the field.

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Jan 2012

PBS TeacherLine Aligns Courses To Common Core State Standards!

As states implement Common Core State Standards for English language arts and mathematics, educators face substantial challenges adapting their instruction to match the new framework. The standards have been approved in 45 states and the District of Columbia, and many districts are planning to implement strategies in the upcoming school year that migrate instruction, curriculum and assessment to the new standards. To help educators prepare for upcoming changes, PBS TeacherLine has aligned its online professional development courses with Common Core State Standards.

The alignment means that PBS TeacherLine reading/language arts and mathematics courses provide professional development training and resources that help teachers develop lessons and deliver instruction based on Common Core State Standards and meet students’ individual needs. Teachers can better gauge student progress in mastering the standards and modify instruction to address weaknesses and accelerate achievement.

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Nov 2011

2011 Ed Tech Digest Cool Tool Awards for Best PD Solution and Best STEM Solution

PBS TeacherLine was selected as a Cool Tool Award winner under both the 'Best Professional Development' and 'Best STEM Solution' categories!

Per EdTechDigest: The products, services and people that made this list are innovative, respected and outstanding cool tools, leaders and trendsetters moving education forward into the 21st century—and are all highly commended. “Innovation in education is exploding,” says Victor Rivero, editor-in-chief of EdTech Digest. “There has never been so much activity in this emerging edtech sector, and there’s never been a more exciting time,” he says. “Thousands of companies are hard at work every day transforming education through technology. These people are the doers. They care deeply and passionately about moving education forward and they’re not wondering if education might reform itself—they’re getting smart, disrupting old models, shifting paradigms and making change happen now.”

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Jun 2011

TeacherLine Courses Approved for SC Add-On Online Teaching Certificate

The SC Department of Education has approved several TeacherLine courses for credit towards their Add-On Online Teaching Certificate! The courses must be taken for graduate credit in order to count for the certificate.

View the approved courses and learm more on our Credit page.

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Jun 2011

FREE Global Climate Change Lessons from PBS and NASA

To help meet the demand for better science instruction in the nation’s schools, PBS TeacherLine has teamed up with NASA to offer a series of free, self-paced professional development modules around the topic of global climate change. These three- to five-hour online modules are intended to increase teachers’ knowledge of the science behind global climate change and give them classroom resources to share with their students.

Sample modules available:

  1. Introduction to Earth’s Dynamically Changing Climate
    How is the Earth’s climate changing? Within the mainstream scientific community the fundamentals of global warming and climate change are no longer in question and increasing evidence shows that human activities play a significant part in contributing to this change. Examine evidence of climate change from different parts of the Earth’s system and consider what it means to live on a planet with a dynamically changing climate.
  2. Earth's Warming Climate: Are We Responsible?
    Human activity, including burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and other landscape changes, have increased the concentration of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Explore the relationship between increased concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere and the record of global temperature on long and short time scales by examining both instrumental data and proxy climate data from ice cores.
  3. Going Local with Global Warming
    Climate change is local and global. Examine recent temperature data for local areas and understand the significance of recent temperature records as evidence of a warming climate. Make climate change science more relevant to students through examining local data.
  4. The Climate Change Skeptic’s Argument: Natural Solar Cycles or Human Activity?
    The patterns of contemporary climate change we see are the result of natural factors or processes operating in or on Earth’s dynamic climate system as well as the impact of human activity. Examine Total Solar Irradiance data and evaluate whether contemporary global climate change can be explained by the variable energy output of our nearest star. Explore ways to introduce interactions of the dynamic climate system into your classroom.

Access these and all the modules at http://climate.nasa.gov/resources/education/pbs_modules/.

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Nov 2010

2010 District Administration Top 100 Products Readers' Choice Award

PBS TeacherLine was selected as a top 100 product winner.

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Aug 2010

Best in Tech Award

PBS TeacherLine was selected as a Best in Tech award winner for professional development by Scholastic Administr@tor magazine's expert reviewers. Each year Scholastic Administrator designates education products and solutions reviewed by top school district leaders as the Best in Tech. This year's Best in Tech awards celebration took place at ISTE's national conference in Denver, Colorado.

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May 2010

2010 AEP Distinguished Achievement Award Finalist

The Association of Educational Publishers (AEP) has named PBS TeacherLine® and four of its online facilitated courses as a finalist for the 2010 Distinguished Achievement Award in the professional development category for curriculum and instruction. The four instructional technology courses offered by PBS TeacherLine that were entered in the awards program and earned recognition are: TECH 340: Evaluating and Organizing Internet Resources and Content; TECH 330: Communicate and Collaborate Online; TECH 325: Searching and Researching on the Internet; and TECH 315: Cooperation and Collaboration in the 21st Century.

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Nov 2009

PBS TeacherLine Partnership with NASA Press Release

Climate change -- one of the greatest challenges facing humanity and a major concern to young people -- is the focus of upcoming online professional development courses and teaching resources from PBS TeacherLine® (www.pbs.org/teacherline) and The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

PBS TeacherLine, the premier provider of online professional development services for preK-12 educators, has been awarded funding from the NASA Global Climate Change Education grant, totaling nearly $600,000, to help educators engage students in critical lessons on climate change, while teaching science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts.

Through our project, "Teaching Climate Change (TCC):K-12 Online Professional Development from PBS and NASA", PBS will develop two fully-online, facilitated, graduate level professional development courses focused on climate change. The courses will be delivered via the existing PBS TeacherLine infrastructure.

One course will target teachers of grades 5-8 and the other will be for teachers of grades 9-12. Both courses will enhance teachers' content knowledge of climate change, provide guidance about teaching climate change using effective STEM instructional techniques, and facilitate the integration of NASA data, models and other NASA resources into classroom instruction.

The grant runs from August 1, 2009 through July 31, 2012.

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Sep 2009

GaDOE Announces Partnership with PBS TeacherLine

"The Georgia Department of Education has reviewed PBS TeacherLine's English language arts and mathematics classes and given them our stamp of approval," Superintendent [Kathy] Cox said. "These classes are well-aligned with our state standards and the high expectations we have for teachers in Georgia."

Marilyn Stansbury, director of education for Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB), said this is just the beginning of this partnership.

"We will continue to work together to find ways we can provide high-quality, low-cost professional development opportunities for Georgia teachers," Ms. Stansbury said. "We are excited to launch this new partnership with the Georgia Department of Education and the state's educators."

Superintendent Cox said school systems can use federal Title 1 or stimulus funds to pay for educators to take TeacherLine classes. More information will be sent to schools this week.

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Aug 2009

PBS TeacherLine is now a Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21) PD Affiliate

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills is the leading advocacy organization focused on infusing 21st century skills into education. The organization brings together the business community, education leaders, and policy makers to define a powerful vision for 21st century education to ensure every child's success as citizens and workers in the 21st century by providing tools and resources to help facilitate and drive change.

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills Professional Development Affiliate Program equips individuals and organizations with resources and assistance in integrating 21st century skills into their professional development practice.

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Aug 2009

PBS TeacherLine Products Receive High Quality Rating from Government Review Panel

As a U.S. Department of Education Ready to Teach grantee, PBS TeacherLine participates each year in the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) product assessment process. We are pleased to announce that in early July 2009, PBS received notification that PBS TeacherLine received the highest rating possible, "High Quality," on both of the products that were submitted for review. The GPRA review is a rigorous evaluation through which the U.S. Department of Education brings together experts in online education to closely assess the products and progress of the Ready to Teach grantees.

This year, PBS TeacherLine submitted two products. The first was a professional development module from PBS TeacherLine Peer Connection, our online resource and collaboration tool designed to aid Teacher Leaders in their role assisting teachers and providing professional development. The second product was "TECH 330: Communicate and Collaborate Online," our online, graduate-level course for K-12 teachers interested in exploring the power of the Web and learning about using the most current technologies to engage students and increase academic achievement.

Both the numerical ratings and the accompanying narrative were very positive. Regarding Peer Connection, one reviewer noted: "The rater found this to be very detailed and useful for teachers in coaching, resource, mentoring and other PD roles. The materials were of high quality and up-to-date, providing the teacher leader with a virtual tool box of materials. It also addressed many of the essential skills that are needed to perform the job. The ease of use of the product makes it very worthwhile."

Regarding the online course, one reviewer said: "Yes, this course does exactly what it is intended to do through its many activities in making the novice instructor proficient in using online tools to collaborate and communicate in the virtual classroom. Again, this course can be used by novice to more advanced users and can even be a refresher. The skill sets can be used beyond the online community."

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Aug 2009

PBS TeacherLine’s New Summer Alumni in Good Company

PBS TeacherLine has garnered the highest number of national enrollments for its Summer 2009 term, more than any other term since its courses were released nationwide five years ago. Cumulatively, more than 41,000 educators have completed PBS TeacherLine courses to improve their skills, gain continuing education units and graduate credit, and advance their careers.

In a survey PBS TeacherLine conducted of its alumni in late 2008, 88 percent of the 1,225 respondents said they have been able to incorporate the instructional strategies from the course(s) in their classroom practice, and 83 percent said there had been a positive impact on student learning because of instructional strategies acquired through the course(s).

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Aug 2009

Best in Tech Award

PBS TeacherLine received a Best in Tech 2008-2009 award from Scholastic Administr@tor magazine for Professional Development Resources. The award was presented at the 2009 International Society for Technology in Education’s National Education Computing Conference (NECC) in Washington D.C. Every award winner chosen as the Best in Tech has been handpicked and carefully evaluated by expert administrator-level reviewers for technology solutions, not just products.

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PBS TeacherLine Wins Two Prestigious Awards

PBS TeacherLine is the winner of:

2007 CODiE Award Winner image
  • the prestigious 2007 CODiE Award for "Best Online Instruction Solution" presented by the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA); view the press release
2007 USDLA Award Winner image
  • the 2007 21st Century Best Practice Distance Learning Awards by the USDLA; view the press release

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