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UNCTV PBS TeacherLine Professional Development Online Courses GA Public Broadcasting SC ETV UNCTV PBS TeacherLine Professional Development Online Courses GA Public Broadcasting SC ETV UNCTV PBS TeacherLine Professional Development Online Courses GA Public Broadcasting SC ETV

Facilitated Courses: Testimonials

SC, NC, and GA educators speak about PBS TeacherLine facilitated professional development courses:

General Testimonials

  • "I loved the courses... They were quick and relative to my students and my needs in the classroom. I teach early childhood and I would work on the courses at night and go back to my classroom the next day and implement what I had learned. I loved the results and so did the students. I would get the first-grade teacher from across the hall and we'd combine classes and practice a lesson I learned the night before. I'd be teaching the other teacher and teaching the kids at the same time. We both learned a lot and we both loved the new knowledge we acquired from PBS."
    - D. Seyffert, Greenville County Schools, SC
    * One of the first 50 educators to win the PBS Teachers Innovation Awards presented for inspiring students and transforming classroom learning, May 2010 (Completed 2 courses)
  • "The courses from TeacherLine have given me a convenient way to blend time spent professionally learning with time needed to reflect and prepare for my duties as a technology coach. The reflective nature of the course design gives me the space to connect my learning to the needs of my school, fellow teachers and students.”
    - Adam Babcock, Spartanburg District 7, SC
    * 2014 'Top 100' PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator
    (Completed 2 courses)
  • "To renew my certificate I took a course on TeacherLine... I had never taken an online course before I took [TECH145]. It was an awesome experience.You have the opportunity to share with others all over the country. The facilitator did a great job of giving the assignments and commenting; almost instant feedback. There are help desks for assignments and technology questions.

    I needed graduate credit for this course and I was able to sign up online to get that as well; my transcript arrived about 2 weeks after I completed the course. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to take some courses in a relaxed, fun manner! PBS has made the entire experience user-friendly."

    - Cyndy Duggins, Horry County Schools, SC
    (Completed 2 courses)

  • "I was able to incorporate all that I learned in the internet course in my lesson plans and the students excelled using power point presentations. The course was Using Technology in the Classroom. One of my colleagues took a math course from PBS Teacher online and we partnered up and we gave a great math lesson. She had a number of online web sites provided through the course for the students to use to reinforce what we had taught them. Learning new teaching methodologies is important in this digital age our students live in."
    - Joanne Gaboriau, St. Michael Catholic School, Garden City, SC
    (Completed 1 course)

  • "PBS TeacherLine is fantastic, not only was I able to earn my plus 30 in my pajamas, I left each class with wonderful lessons and activities to use with my students that I created and that others shared via class postings. I was also able to learn more about a variety of topics, from Curriculum Mapping to Online Research all while maintaining my emphasis on Elementary Education! I recommend TeacherLine to all my fellow teachers!"
    - Beth Hale, Library Media Specialist, Charleston County School District, SC (Completed 6 courses)
  • "My experience with PBS TeacherLine has been great. I find the courses engaging and pertinent to the subjects that I teach."
    - Lynne Kratochvil, Hilton Head, SC (Completed 4 courses)

  • “I love PBS TeacherLine courses! They are very convenient for me because I have young children and I’m not able to travel to a campus to take classes at this stage of my life. I learn a lot…that’s why I’ve taken so many! I get great feedback and lots of ideas and lessons from other educators that I can use in my classroom. Almost immediate feedback/suggestions is also another awesome part of these classes.”
    - Kimberly Full, Berkeley County School District, SC
    (Completed 9 courses)
  • "After completing two 45 hour online courses, I have to let you know how enjoyable as well as challenging they were. Everyday I'd run home to see what my other classmates had posted. It was such a unique experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction and feedback I had with my peers and teachers. I was disappointed when they ended! It was a super educational mode of learning and I look forward to joining future courses."
    - Amy McClain, MCD, CCC-SLP, SC Educator
    (Completed 2 courses)
  • "I've taken other courses through other institutions; [TeacherLine] is by far my type of experience. [RDLA157] is my second course through PBS. Both course facilitators have been fantastic. The wealth of knowledge obtained through both courses was outstanding! It was worth the work; the payoff far exceeds any expectations I had for the course."
    - Kimberly S., Elementary Educator, Charleston SC
    (Completed 2 courses)

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed all of the courses I took through PBS, and really learned a lot. They were very worthwhile classes. I would highly recommend PBS TeacherLine to anyone who is looking for professional development."
    - K. Bolding, M.Ed, NBCT, Anderson District One, SC
    (Completed 5 courses)
  • "I began taking TeacherLine courses in 2004 in my effort to complete my Masters +30 certification. From the first course, I was hooked! I absolutely love the flexibility and stupendous learning potential that has accompanied every course that I have taken.

    I have been astounded by the benefits that come from collaborating and sharing ideas with my online classmates, who are comprised of teachers of all grade levels and disciplines from all over the country—all without leaving the comfort of my home! It is unquestionable that my students, and by extension, their test scores have benefited from the wealth of knowledge that I have gained through the TeacherLine online community. I am such a strong supporter of this format of learning that I [became a] TeacherLine facilitator so that I can share the knowledge that I have so happily received."

    Betsy Long, Kershaw County Schools, SC
    * SC 2008 Media Specialist of the Year
    * Earned Masters+30 & became a TeacherLine Facilitator, 2006

    (Completed 10 courses)
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Reading/Language Arts Course Testimonials

RDLA051: Raising Readers: Preparing Preschoolers for Success

  • “It gave me confidence when I learned about a technique that I am already using in the classroom & excited to learn new ones. Also, it had a lot of fun, interactive assignments."
  • "This course has given me a great understanding of how we can prepare young children for proficiency in reading."
  • "This course is pertinent for all age adults who are involved with children in any way. The knowledge of child development, language development, and computer games and videos is important to children's self esteem and cognitive development."
  • "This course provides a lot of wonderful tools & activities to use in the classroom. It would benefit the students & the care-givers greatly!"
  • "I learned SO much!! I was encouraged that I was already doing some of the stuff in this course but I also had so much to learn. I will definitely be encorporating more of this into our teaching plan."

RDLA152: Introduction to Underlying Principles and Research for Effective Literacy Instruction

  • “RDLA152 was an excellent course: comprehensive and timely. It thoroughly covered every component of early literacy in the contexts of both current research and political reality. I'm still learning from it via saved files and classmates' posts. Our instructor was exemplary: knowledgeable, well-organized and responsive.”
  • "I thought this course was very informative and will be very helpful in the classroom. It offered various strategies to use for diverse learners and activities that I will take back to my classroom. Very good class."
  • "When I got my college advisor to approve this course as my last elective for my MEd., he did so somewhat with prejudice...[he] didn't really think that it was equal to a graduate level course in rigor. Once I was finished, I emailed him copies of all of my assignments and work, and he was impressed. I have been told that the work was worthy and challenging without doubt. I loved the course... the time frame, loved the cohort (they were so generous with their kind suggestions and encouragement), and our facilitator was so good at getting back to us with useful and timely information. Some courses you endure, others speak to your heart. This was the latter for me. I loved everything about it…"
  • "I learned a lot about fundamental literacy obtainment. It's the kind of knowledge universal to teaching. Also, the course was well organized and concise."
  • "The thing I liked most ...is that the required readings were interesting, enlightening and practical for classroom instruction. I am so excited about the knowledge and strategies I've learned."
  • "This course has helped me develop ideas for helping my reading students that I hadn't found anywhere else."
  • "The course was useful even for a high school teacher - I think special needs teachers would benefit from a variation of it."
  • "I really liked the specific comprehension and vocabulary strategies learned and online interaction with other educators and the course facilitator."
  • "This course gave the foundation of reading and strategies that could be used to better the students as well as the teacher."
  • "It was very reflective and made you think, but it wasn't strenuous work that was worthless. It was material and knowledge I will definitely use in the classroom in the future. Really helped me think about where the students are coming from."

RDLA157: Teaching Phonemic Awareness and Phonics

  • "I really enjoyed the articles, the flow of the course and the ease of using the boards, etc. Super class! Well thought-out, great content, felt like I was learning up-to-the-minute info for best practice use with younger students."
  • "I thought this course was great. It really made me think outside of my "box." I gained valuable info for my classroom and because of that, I would recommend this course to any of my colleagues."
  • "The course load was very manageable, but yet challenging. I feel like I have gained a wealth of information that would greatly benefit students."
  • "I have been introduced to wonderful information on teaching children to read. I have lots of resources that I didn't have before."
  • "I enjoyed the great articles, strategies and discussions."
  • "A well-planned course with good research-based readings."
  • "It was worth the work; the payoff far exceeds any expectations I had for the course."

RDLA340: Teaching Reading in the Content Area

  • "What I liked most about this course were the strategies I learned to help my students in the areas of vocabulary and comprehension."
  • "I liked the learning strategies that are directly transferable to my classroom and interacting with other teachers."
  • "The information was very valuable to me as I teach reading and the information was very useful."
  • "The strategies provided were incorporated effectively in my classroom."

RDLA400: Developing Passionate Readers in a Digital World
(a revised & updated version of RDLA125: Children’s Authors on the Web: Online Sites that Motivate Students to Write for Grades K-6)

  • “I have learned much about various authors. I have also received tips from my classmates.”
  • “My students and I really enjoyed the tasks; before, during, and after we used the Technology Lab to research our author. We had good discussions and my students went on to read other books on their own by the same author.”
  • "I have enjoyed this course for a few reasons. First, I have learned so much about the Web. I never realized how much information was out there for my students on the different authors. Second, it is always nice to correspond with different teachers. Their ideas are creative, manageable, useful and endless. Lastly, though I have spent many hours on the assignments, I am creating a unit that I will “actually use” in my classroom."
  • "My expectations for this class were to learn about author studies and be able to apply this to my classroom. I have to say that I have not only learned how to complete an Author Study in my classroom but I also have learned about many new websites that can help me in my classroom as well as teaching and preparing lesson plans. I have learned many new ideas that I have already used and will continue to use in my classroom. I have shared new ideas, websites, as well as teaching my peers about completing an Author Study."
  • "This course has valuable content for all teachers of language arts. It showed me new websites that are student friendly and a new approach to get students interested in reading."
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Technology Course Testimonials

TECH145: Teaching with WebQuests for Grades K-12
  • "The course encouraged me to learn more about the computer and how to better utilize it. It also showed me that there is so much out there for teaching Kindergarten. I love all of the info I came across while researching for this course!!!!"
  • "It was wonderfully informative and relative to the classroom needs."
  • "I really liked making a WebQuest that relates to the curriculum standards. Also, I will be able to use this WebQuest with my students."
  • "I liked being able to create a resource that will address a gap in our third grade science curriculum and learning about different resources from others."
  • "It was informative and the explanation of how to use a WebQuest and the importance of them were an eye opener."
  • "This course is a great way to create a resource that can be used for your students and others if you choose to put it on the web. I gained a wealth of knowlege and resources from the sharing of other teachers."
  • "I found it useful, it will help the kids, and my fellow teachers have been asking me questions."
  • "It is a course that can be readily used in the classroom."
  • "I liked making something I could use immediately with my students."

TECH335: Digital Tools for Innovative Learning

  • "I learned a lot! It integrated into my classroom work seamlessly. I learned by doing."
  • "I like everything about this course. Especially the opportunity to discuss and receive feed back from fellow peers and well as the faciliator."
  • "I liked that the course materials were well thought out and were well suited to the course teachings."

TECH522: Online Facilitator Training I: Mastering the Skills of Online Teaching

  • "What I liked most about the course was the wonderful collaboration that evolved, the fantastic resources, the physical layout of the online course and its components and the supportive manner of the facilitator."

TECH570: Fundamentals of Virtual K-12 Teaching

  • "The course was rigorous yet the instructor did a good job balancing the communication amount and facilitating the course. The learning platform was pretty good, and I learned a lot from the course."

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Math Course Testimonials

MATH165: Enabling Students with Special Needs to Succeed in Math

  • "We really touched on co-teaching strategies and I feel many of my colleagues could benefit from this information."
  • "The readings were very informative and well-written; I also enjoyed the discussion with other participants."
  • "I enjoyed the articles, videos,and the discussion board."
  • "Quality content; rigorous!"
  • "I enjoyed many of the articles because it gave us a different view into the concepts that I am teaching in my classroom."
  • "This was a very informative course that met me at my point of need in instruction. I have already shared some of the resources with my fellow coteachers."
  • "Practical and "do-able" strategies presented. Discussoins from other teachers gives great new ideas that we can relate to."
  • "It improved my teaching, allowing me to pick up some new perspectives, bounce ideas off colleagues, and have access to high quality resources."

MATH181: Math in Everyday Life for Grades K-5

  • “This course made me more aware of the use of calculators in the classroom....not as a crutch, but as a helpful tool.”


MATH250: Understanding Numbers and Operations: Addition and Subtraction
  • "I liked the fact that I was made to think more about how I approach math. I was afraid I wouldn't learn a lot, but I did."
  • "The course enables teachers to have a deeper understanding of the standards and how they should be taught."
  • "I really liked the websites and games shared with me in relation to my course. Sometimes I can search on line for hours trying to find a game or activity to help enhance my student's classroom experience."
  • "It wasn't busy work-it was meaningful to me and what I do in the classroom."
  • "I really enjoyed the class. It made me re evaluate how I was teaching addition and subtraction in my classroom."

MATH410: Seeing Math: Linear Functions

  • "This course helped me to understand how to teach algebra by making real-world connections."
  • "It gave me so many new ways of presenting material to my students.”
  • "I have learned so much for this course. I know that it will help me as I continue to teach. Learning to "See Math" was a new concept for me. I know it will be for my students too."
  • "I liked the real life problems [presented in the course]."
  • "I'm thrilled that I will actually be able to use so many ideas in my classes!"
  • "The videos ,class room discussions, comments from discussion board, help from facilitator - these things helped me to have a change in my classroom teaching."
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Science Course Testimonials

SCIE504: Plants and Animals
  • "I learned a lot of good information to use when planning plant and animal lessons. I also really appreciated the suggestions and ideas from fellow teachers."
  • "It had a lot of good information about the topics and I learned a lot of useful information that I could carry back into the classroom."
  • "I walked away with many ideas to add to my living things unit."
  • "The subject fit perfectly in with our state standards. It was a very thoughtful course that covered the topic in depth."
  • "The videos were very interesting and kept the course fresh."
  • "I really enjoyed the discussion with other teachers. I learned so much from their interpretations and opinions about the content that I may have seen differently."
  • "This course was very interesting and taught me things that I can take straight to the class."
  • "I have shared with teachers all of the great ideas I received from this course and the videos!"
SCIE130: Fostering Collaboration, Inquiry, and Critical Thinking in Middle School Science
  • “I have now incorporated collaborative groups and critical thinking questions into my practice.”
  • "I got some wonderful new ideas on how to run my classroom more smoothly and still get my Science goals across from both the course and the great teachers who took it along with me. Also excellent web ideas."
  • "I really liked the lesson on cooperative and collaborative learning."
  • "The course created more stimulation for me to research about web-techniques than I had before."
  • "The course is a very useful class for today's teachers."

SCIE568: Weather and Climate

  • "What I liked most about this course were the teacher resources, ex. Teacher's Domain."
  • "It was very well organized and left very little question of what the objectives were and how to meet them. The video/animation snapshots were excellent supporting materials."
  • "I liked the interactive videos."
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Instructional Strategies Course Testimonials

INST120: Digital Lesson Planning for Differing Learning Styles
  • "This course offered a lot of information about thematic units that could be used in the classroom."
  • "The course really helped me get a good look at the learning style of my students which I think will help me a great deal the rest of this year in planning to teach to their learning styles."
  • "A theme based unit across the curriculum is a natural for the lower grades and this course helps in preparing them. For the upper elementary grades and even middle and high school, it is a way for teachers outside of their field to work together (i.e. math and sciences or Lit and the Social ) and bring cohesiveness to a school."
  • "Flowed very well, assignments were very meaningful to each subject area."
  • "I would love to see all teachers exposed to this kind of preparation and training."
  • "I think this course gives everyone a good foundation for differentiated instruction if they don't already know how to plan units like Integrated Thematic Instruction Units or Universal Design for Learning Units. It had very good resources in it, imparting a lot of knowledge without hours and hours of studying traditional texts. The Kovalik and Associates site was very attractive as well as informative, particularly."

INST315: Teaching for Multiple Intelligences

  • "I learned many immediately applicable ideas to use in the classroom."
  • "I think that all teachers can use some strategies discussed in this course on MI theory.
"I learned a lot of relevant information that I can use in my classroom. [INST120] was easy to access and fit into my daily schedule. I loved meeting other educators through our discussions board to learn about their thoughts and ideas."
- Amy Jones, Laurens District 56, SC

INST125: Promoting Digital Media Literacy in Students

  • "I enrolled ... a few years ago and give it my complete endorsement. As a result of my taking this course, Broome teachers and I developed two programs that led to a BEST BUY TE@CH award and an Ed Tech award."
    Sheila Oliver, Broome High School, Spartanburg, SC
  • "While taking [this course] I developed a website evaluation tool that my 4th and 5th grade students use in determining the usefulness of a website."

INST320: Connecting Family, Community and Schools

  • "The course had good informative material. I found it easy to get on the computer when I could and then looked forward to checking the discussion board."
  • "The information was relevant and well rounded as well as the assignments...I now have a jump on a few things for next school year."
  • "After taking this course I was able to come up with several programs that help to draw parents and business partners into our school, benefiting both our school and our local community."
  • "This is a very valuable course to all educators. I feel that it should be a part of all teacher education programs. My regret is that I did not have this course years ago. I have truly enjoyed every aspect of this course."
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Video Testimonials:

You Tube: Course Overview
You Tube overview video
You Tube: Math Educator
You Tube math teacher testimonial

You Tube: PreK Educator
You Tube preK educator testimonial

You Tube: Course Navigation
You Tube course navigation video

If you're unable to view a video, please contact us for a transcript.

  • Administrators & Teachers of Williamsburg County Schools & Florence District 1, SC (wmv: 2 minutes)
    Video of educators speaking about TeacherLine professional development courses

  • Jane Roberts, Media Specialist, Cobb County Schools, GA (wmv: 44 seconds)
    *GaDOE 2009 Exemplary H.S. Library Media Program
    Video of GA Media Specialist Jane Roberts speaking about her TeacherLine professional development course
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